97 Carbon 16Gb

9.7 '', 1280 x 768, TFT IPS, Android, Cortex A8, 1000 Mhz, 16 Gb HDD, microSDHC card, WiFi, two cameras, 620 g 97 Carbon 16Gb
Screen 97 Carbon 16Gb
Diagonal 9.7''
Permission 1280x768
The number of pixels per inch 154
The type of LCD matrix TFT IPS
Touch screen type capacitive
System 97 Carbon 16Gb
The operating system Android
Operating system support Android 4.0
Processor/chipset Cortex A8
CPU frequency 1000 Mhz
Memory 97 Carbon 16Gb
RAM installed size 1 Gb
Built-in memory size 16 Gb
Memory card support microSDHC
Max. the size of the memory card 32 Gb
Wireless communication 97 Carbon 16Gb
Camera 97 Carbon 16Gb
Front facing camera
The number of megapixels front camera 0.3
Rear camera
The number of megapixels rear camera 2
Functionality 97 Carbon 16Gb
Audio 97 Carbon 16Gb
Sound stereo
Built-in speaker
Built-in microphone
Format support 97 Carbon 16Gb
Connection 97 Carbon 16Gb
Connecting to a computer by USB
Connecting external devices to the USB
Connection to a TV/monitor mini HDMI
Mic input
Audio out/headphone
Nutrition 97 Carbon 16Gb
Opening hours (music) 20 h
Running time (video) 8 h
Dimensions and weight 97 Carbon 16Gb
The Length Of The 239 mm
The Width Of The 184 mm
The Thickness Of The 12 mm
Weight 620 g
Additional information 97 Carbon 16Gb
Complete Set Tablet, USB cable, power adapter